Surface Finishing

Surface Finishing Services

Powder Coating, Galvanising, Anodising & Plating

KME Steelworks are able to offer a wide range of service finishing services including powder coating, galvanising, anodising and plating. Aiming to cover as many areas as possible to always meet the needs of our customers. KME is a fully accredited ISO9001 and ensure the highest service to all of our customers.

Powder Coating Service

KME have the capacity to produce high quality powder coated finished products. Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a high quality decorative finish to a steel component. KME can offer the complete service from laser cutting to powder coating we eliminate the use of a third party therefore reducing the lead time for our customers. KME’s skilled operators supply the powder coating service to a number of materials including steel, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium.

Galvanising Service

Galvanising is the process in which steel is coated with zinc to produce an non oxidising layer on the surface of the component part to prevent any rusting. The steel part in dipped into a bath of molten zinc to form a layer of protection against any corrosion.

Anodising Service

KME provide anodising services to modify and protect the surface of the steel components which we supply to our customers. KME provide this service to provide greater resistance to the possibility of corrosion of our parts. This is an additional service which can be requested by our customers.

Plating Service

KME offer plating to a wide range of materials including steel, chrome, aluminium. KME offer this service to decrease the chance of corrosion on any component parts. KME offer a wide range of services to protect the surface of the components in which we offer to our customers.

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