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KME can offer a folding service that covers a wide range of material types and thicknesses. We have made substantial investment in press brake technology with a range of press brakes from 1m 35T to 4m 220T and have compiled a very extensive tooling library. Our team of very experienced press brake operators can deal with small or very large batch sizes.

KME smallest press is a Trumpf TruBend 7036, this is the fastest bending machine in the world with an extremely fast moving machine axes.

It is a very flexible machine capable of producing components with a very accurate finished part quality


Our 7 Axis 3m 170T press is an exceptionally accurate machine. It has a world patented Automatic Reactive lower beam and is also fitted with a BI-S automatic Angle Measurement System to guarantee fold angle accuracy. It addition it is a long stroke machine with extra daylight giving a 620mm open height, this allows us to fold larger components.

  • Active in-process angle measurement
  • Automatically adjusted bend angle
  • Direct calculation and achievement of the targeted angle
BI-S Angle Measurement System
BI-S Angle Measurement System

Our 7 Axis 4m 220T press is a high speed machine suitable for high volume components and is fitted with a digipro angle measuring system that transmits the measured angle wirelessly to the press controls which in turn automatically corrects the program thereby providing the precise bend angle.


Folding-4Digipro is a highly-accurate electronic angle measuring device that transmits the measured angle wirelessly to the press brakes NC via an infrared interface.

The measured angle value is transmitted to the NC and the program is automatically corrected as needed thereby providing the precise bend angle.

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