Slag & Surface Oxidation Removal, Edge Radius & Decorative Finish

KME have invested in surface finishing equipment for customers who require high standards of material preparation prior to painting.

The Lissmac Steelmaster SMW5 is capable of removing thermal slag, surface oxidation and can also create a radius on the edges of sheet metal parts for improved paint adhesion.

In addition the Steelmaster can produce a decorative finish on Aluminium and stainless steel components.

De-burring & Finishing

Thermal slag is very tough to remove with only one abrasive belt.

Steelmaster utilizes multiple heads to remove the slag and possible secondary burr in addition to rounding the edge on the part.

Before De-Burring                              After De-Burring

Oxidation removal
Oxidation removal

When parts are cut on a laser or plasma oxidation is produced on the cut surface. This needs to be removed before painting. Removal of this oxidation requires abrasives that are flexible enough to reach both external and internal edges of the parts.

The Steelmaster uses stainless steel top brushes that are relatively flexible yet are aggressive so that oxidation on all contours of a parts can be reached and removed.

De-burring and decorative finishing can also be done on the multiple head machine. An Abrasive belt removes any slag and a Barrel brush produces the decorative finish.

Coolant works as a rust inhibitor and also has a lubricating effect which helps to smooth the surface.

Decorative Finish
Decorative Finish

We can also offer round vibratory bowl finishing for aggressive deburring, edge radiusing and surface smoothing. Batches of smaller parts are placed in the vibratory bowl where a mixture of media and chemical additive oscillates and rotates in a directional scroll action.


This is an excellent process for preparing parts before powder coating as it greatly improves edge paint adhesion.

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