Killeshal Precast

Killeshal precastKilleshal Precast Concrete are leaders in the production of both wet and dry cast concrete products. Their precast concrete product range includes retaining wall blocks, kerbs, junction boxes and much more. Killeshal have been providing precast solutions to the UK and Irish construction industry since 1969. They pride themselves on getting the product right the first time, boasting a 99% record of orders completed correctly on the first occasion. It is therefore extremely important that KME work closely with Killeshal to ensure that our steel mould products are designed and manufactured exactly to our customer’s measurements.


Managing director Pat Nolan shared his experience on working with KME “Killeshal have been working with KME for a number of years now. They are extremely professional in every aspect of their business from design to delivery. Their design team works tirelessly to ensure we receive the steel mould exactly how we want them and within the agreed time frame.”  KME’s design team works closely with Killeshal to ensure the mould is correct the first time round which insures Killeshal keep up their outstanding record. He continued “I would highly recommend KME to anyone in the precast concrete industry” Pat hopes to grow this relationship with KME and looks forward to producing high quality precast products from KME Moulds.


Pat Nolan: Killeshal Precast

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