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  • Precast Concrete Steel Mould Headwall
  • Precast Concrete Headwall Steel Mould
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FP McCann manufacture, supply and deliver precast concrete drainage products. Their comprehensive precast concrete business extends to include products such as shaft and tunnel segments, power cable ducting, railway components and concrete fencing posts and panels, as well as a bespoke product service to customer specification.


KME Steelworks have been supplying bespoke steel moulds to FP McCann since 1998. This long term partnership has worked successfully over the years due to a number of factors; KME have a good grasp of the precast industry, they offer valuable input into the design process and share their expertise in helping FP McCann find the best solutions.


Jonathan McCollum, Area Sales Manager for FP McCann shared his thoughts on working with KME Steelworks, he stated “They are great people to work with; they have a very hands on approach and are good at listening to our ideas. They offer their views on where improvements can be made, giving us enhanced solutions.


He continued “KME are good at getting the product right the first time around, reworking is rarely required which gives us the confidence to continue to work with them on an ongoing basis.”


“KME always strive to meet our demanding deadlines and get products to us on time and to specification required.”

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